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Dell PowerScale Hoverwing



See how Sterling is using a Hoverwing™ to collect data and build resiliency in the most extreme environments. Data analytics provides possibilities, mitigates risks, and bears untapped potential; potential to save lives, make our world a safer, better place. Data is easy to gather and track in ideal environments… but what about extreme conditions? And how do you use that data? The future of disaster recovery via land, air, and sea is in the data points.

Sterling CTO, Chris Cyr, has been utilizing hoverwings to collect data in the most extreme environments- high temperatures, soaring winds, and cascading waves. Join us in Part 1 of a series of webinars to explore the data obtainment capabilities and harnessing the potential of your data collection. See how Sterling utilizes Dell’s new PowerScale storage platform, and Intel to imagine the possibilities for future missions.

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