The buzz word: business continuity.
The definition... depends.

Every agency and organization are at a different stage in their business continuity journey. It is a journey that never ends. Business continuity is an ongoing process of constant evaluation and execution. One thing is for certain… it’s important to look ahead.


Sterling is here to help with an overall business continuity plan that looks at your unique infrastructure and overall agency needs. Utilizing an option that encompasses compute, storage, and networking all in one solution benefits:

• Business productivity

• Risk mitigation

• Reduction in hardware, maintenance, and facilities costs


Learn more about Sterling’s business continuity planning process of sustainability, security, and scalability below or talk to a Sterling engineer.


The amount of data your agency holds has exponentially grown… and rapidly. It’s not slowing down any time soon. Designing and deploying backup solutions is more complicated than ever before.

• Where do you start?

• Are you up against compliance, storage, or budget restraints?


Talk with a Sterling engineer, who can help you plan out your next steps to business continuity.

Sterling’s representatives will design and deliver a customized solution, wherever your current infrastructure is at in the Client to Cloud Journey.  Learn more by clicking on the following products in order to maximize your remote work solution set or request a free assessment today!


• Workspace ONE

• VMware Horizon

• VxRail

• IDPA for VDI on VxRail• 

• AVI Networks



How are you ensuring 24×7 availability of your applications & systems? Are your systems continuously being monitored? If your IT team is challenged with the bandwidth and required skills to support your technologies, learn more about Sterling’s Managed Services.