Like any sports team, a business is only as good as its individual parts. Every person has a role to play; every role, no matter how large or how small, impacts the overall success of the mission. Victories come only when the team works in conjunction with itself, all for one and one for all, the we before the me.

As a graduate of the GPAC, you know the requirements of winning at extracurriculars and at life: the dedication, heart, and sacrifice necessary to truly excel in any field. You know how to adapt, to evolve, to overcome adversity. You understand everything is earned, not merely given. You realize the difference passion makes.


That’s why Sterling wants you to join our team. Your time in college developed a certain set of skills; it’s now time to utilize those skills in a different realm: your career. The attributes you possess directly correlate with the work we do at Sterling.

For, as a technology company, we are at the forefront of innovation. We impact national security, healthcare, education. Our presence is felt across America’s towns and cities, on battlefields and in cubicles. We are present in classrooms; we are felt in the fluorescent-lit corridors of hospital wings. Indeed, there isn’t a field Sterling’s work doesn’t reach.


Interested? Come work for a team of playmakers. Come make your mark. Come accomplish greatness.

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