Do you know where your organization is at in the Client to Cloud Journey?

IT transformation is an ongoing process. At Sterling, we have a team of multi-vendor certified, solution-driven experts to navigate that journey. They use our proven four-step process — assess, design, implement, and manage — to modernize, customize, and transform your environment. We provide secured, customized solutions from Client to Cloud. Download the Sterling Client to Cloud Overview, or scroll to explore our core competencies.

Identify where you are in the Client to Cloud Journey!

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Mission Business

  • Enrollment Services
  • Installation & Break/Fix
  • Order Consolidation
  • Labeling
  • Imaging and More!

  • System Integration
  • Modern Data Center
  • Data Protection
  • Networking & Security

  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Data Encryption
  • Secure Access

  • Service Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Configuration

  • Assessment
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Migration & Application Modernization
  • Multi Cloud