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 of organizations are concerned they’ll experience a disruptive event in the next 12 months

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 The average cost of a cyberattack

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 Global Execs rank cyber attacks as one of their highest risk management priorities



From small-scale businesses to the federal government — everyone requires data protection. Between rapid recent digital transformation and world events, a sound data-protection strategy has never been more important. Organizations must be prepared to respond to cyberthreats. To that end, organizations are investing in new and emerging technologies, including SaaS applications, AI/ML and Edge/IoT devices, but are often struggling to ensure their data is protected. Investing in emerging technology is a good thing, to be encouraged, but organizations must also ensure that their data-protection infrastructure supports these technologies.

  • Prior to current world events, 82% of the organizations surveyed said they were concerned their data-protection solutions wouldn’t meet future business challenges.
  • $1,015,392 has been the average cost of data loss in the last 12 months.
  • 64% of respondents lack the confidence that they will fully recover systems/data from all platforms in the event of a data-loss incident.



Dell Technologies PowerProtect appliances are complete solutions for proven, modern data protection. Keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission-critical apps, and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they’re located. PowerProtect is data-protection software and storage in a single appliance, delivering backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics, and more. As the next generation of the integrated data-protection appliance, PowerProtect is the fastest way to transform your data protection for the future. It’s easy to deploy and manage, helping to consolidate data protection for any size organization. Get the performance, efficiency, and scale you need to protect your data.

  • Up to 38% faster backups
  • Typically 65:1 deduplication
  • Typically 30% more logical capacity



Dell Technologies PowerProtect Cyber Recovery isolates and shields critical data from ransomware and other cyber threats.

  • Up to 45% faster restores
  • 79% of global executives rank cyber attacks as one of their highest risk-management priorities.
  • 69% of global executives doubt all business-critical data will be recovered after a cyberattack. [They need PowerProtect!]


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Up to 45% faster restores with Dell PowerProtect

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