Cybersecurity Webinar Series - PT 2 - Ransomware: no limits, no borders, no fear

One ransomware attack happens every 14 seconds. 55% of small businesses pay the ransom demand, but data is recovered intact only 8% of the time. Not only are attacker’s objectives for financial gain, but they are carrying over into a physical impact.

Cyber-attacks are a matter of individual, local, regional, national, and international security. In this era of cyber-attacks, hackers will stop at nothing, there are no limits. What is your cyber defense strategy?

Join industry thought leaders Stevan Bernard, former Executive Vice President of Sony Pictures Entertainment; Chris Cyr, Sterling CTO; and Mindy Schweitzer, Sterling Director of Marketing and moderator, as they look at the cybercrime crises happening now and what you must do to safeguard your world.