Cybersecurity Webinar Series - PT 3 - Mind of a Hacker

In a matter of a few weeks- a coastal-pipeline shut down, an international meat processing corporation was paralyzed. Hackers are on a quest. They’re eyeing to exploit, to crack, and conquer. They love the rush of power and the win.

Internationally-recognized cybersecurity analyst and senior researcher Keren Elazari has the mind of a hacker because she is one. The incidents of 2020 have left many hackers with the opportunity for additional gains.

To compete or beat the hacker, you must think like one. Look inside the mind of a hacker, their motives and what makes your organization an easy target. Watch Part 3 of the Sterling Cybersecurity Webinar Series held on June 23rd, 2021.

Learn to be proactive, better protect your invaluable data, your organization, and your reputation. Industry thought-leaders Keren Elazari and Stevan Bernard, former Executive Vice President of Sony Pictures Entertainment, discuss the global cybersecurity implications, the intricate mind of a hacker, and the future state of cybersecurity.