Proven Performance

A CBM+ Solution

Case Study

Customer Profile

  • Industry: Federal
  • Type: Military Agency
  • Location: Maryland
  • Technical Category: Data Center
  • IT status: Sought new equipment (servers) to maintain compliance and efficiency

The What If Challenge

Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) is a DoD program that supports all agencies in the maintenance of their IT environments. Essentially, it is “maintenance performed based on evidence of need, integrating analysis with those enabling processes, technologies, and capabilities that enhance the readiness and maintenance effectiveness of DoD systems and components.”


A Military Agency Customer (MAC) located in Maryland sought help with procuring a CBM+ solution. Periodically, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) mandates an overhaul of certain agencies’ equipment, aiming to keep the technology modernized and less prone to compromise. The MAC, fearful of falling behind, wished to remain compliant and operationally sound.


“What if we could procure the proper solution with ease?” they asked themselves. “What if we had a partner who could ensure optimal mission efficiency?”

A Transformational Solution

Sterling was eager to help. From the moment the MAC reached out to our team members about help on a new data center, we stayed engaged and dove headlong into the development of a solution. Through a series of discovery calls, we gained a thorough understanding of the project requirements and the customer’s overall mission. We conducted market research beforehand and familiarized ourselves with the CBM+ program and the intricacies inherent within its requirements.


We next offered recommendations and took on the role of trusted advisor, further alleviating the burden off the MAC. As a consultative partner, we provided the best options to satisfy their requirements. As always, our suggestions were mission-focused and research-driven.


The MAC agreed upon an HPE solution, as they were familiar with the company and had used their products before. Sterling provided eighteen HPE DL380 Servers Gen9 and three HPE DL380 Gen10 Servers. This solution specifically applies reliability-centered maintenance to current management practices and validates ship/vessel maintenance requirements.


Because of our solid relationship with HPE, we were able to expediate the procurement process. This allowed the MAC’s budget to be approved and passed on schedule, making for a timely, cost-effective solution.

What If…Resolved

The MAC’s environment is now modernized and follows DISA’s guidelines. Practically, this means that they can continue to operate effectively, maintain the integrity of their mission, and rest easy in the ongoing maintenance of their environment. Because of Sterling’s solution, their data center is compatible with the larger Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) and is prepared to handle the challenges of an evolving cyberworld.


In that world of constantly changing IT, it’s important for agencies to have confidence in their environments. It’s important for them to have partners who can assist every step of the way—who can answer every What if and deliver transformative IT.

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