E-Rate. CARES Act.  Heroes Act.


All of these funding sources allow school districts to incorporate technology needed to deliver security and seamless access to school networks by students, faculty and staff.


Sterling and security expert partner, Fortinet offer this

“on-demand” encore of the webinar:

“E-Rate:  Building and Sustaining a Secure Hybrid or Remote Learning Network”


In this webinar, you will hear about the most current information around cybersecurity, E-rate, and Cares Act funding to make the best decisions for your district.  Sterling and Fortinet are here to be a resource to guide you through the technical challenges facing districts.  Want to test drive before you make decisions? 

We can do that!  

Read more about K12 Cyber attacks have disrupted learning due to COVID.

Your E-Rate and Cares Act funding can be utilized to protect your district and students with technology that supports security and infrastructure for distance learning.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) fundamentally transforms the learning environment with seamless access for students while supporting secure remote access. This reduces the need for expensive laptops to run applications requiring increased processing power and memory for higher graphic capabilities.  


IT teams spend less time with manual processes, minimizing maintenance windows, and creating a more secure network environment to streamline the IT process outlined in the webinar:

“Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Secure Remote Access”


Sterling will partner with your organization to deliver genuine, unmatched value.  Our Engineers and Solutions Architects utilize a proven four-step process of assess – design  – implement – manage to modernize and transform your environments.  We succeed when you do, and we settle for nothing less than meeting or exceeding your expectations.

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