Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Part 1 - Surviving a destructive nation-state cyber-attack and a look at what the digital future holds

Part 1 in the Sterling Cybersecurity Webinar Series took place on Tuesday, April 27th 2021. Recording coming soon!

The average cost of a cyber breach is $3.68 million. It’s not a matter of “if” and it’s not a matter of “when”; it is whether you will survive the cyber-attack. Since the early days of the pandemic, we’ve seen an accelerated and unprecedented digital transformation that would’ve taken years but instead happened in months or even weeks.


Have you looked ahead at what safeguards will be needed to counter the emerging threats? Can you guarantee the security of your data? Our dependency on the digital economy is irreversible. The systemic risk we face includes vulnerabilities to all things connected.

Industry thought-leaders Stevan Bernard, former Executive Vice President of Sony Pictures; Chris Cyr, Sterling CTO; and Jeff Moore, Sterling Senior VP of Business Development and Contracts, take a look at cybersecurity past, present, and future:

• Sony Pictures’ story of surviving North Korean cyber-attacks

• Present global-scale threats and dark-web risks

• Importance of a secure supply chain

• Future threatscape

• The proactive approach your organizations can take

Part 2 - Zero Trust

Part 2 in the Sterling Cybersecurity Webinar Series will take place on Tuesday, May 25th 2021. Click to register now!

Meet the Industry Expert Panel:

Steven Bernard

Bernard Global, LLC
Chief Executive

Stevan Bernard founded Bernard Global, LLC, in July 2018, and currently serves as its chief executive. Prior to this he held the position of Executive Vice President of Global Protection Services at Sony Pictures Entertainment. During his 16 years with Sony, Steve initiated numerous programs in support of Sony worldwide. His staff covered 50 countries with 150 offices, supporting contract production personnel operating in the far corners of the globe. Steve and his staff’s responsibilities included global-threat management; investigations; forensics (with three labs); information security and data privacy; content protection; resilience; major-event security; environment; health and safety; production safety and security; sustainability; medical services; BCP/CM and incident management (including cyber); physical security; law-enforcement and government liaison; fire and life safety.

Chris Cyr


Chris Cyr, Sterling CTO, is a technical evangelist and enterprise architect with a proven ability to promote technology insertion and adoption. His 28+ years supporting the federal government, NASA, and Special Operations community, developing future end-to-end reference architecture showcases extensive experience with large, high-visibility projects and seeing them to completion. Cyr has a proven ability to leverage a broad multi-vendor experience and extensive technical knowledge to drive a successful project.

Jeff Moore

Senior VP Business
Development and Contracts

As the Sr. Vice President of Business Development and Contracts at Sterling, Jeff Moore orchestrates strategic program and contract capture, efforts vital to the company’s growth. Leveraging two decades of industry experience, Moore oversees high-level initiatives for the technology-solutions provider, championing activities around a variety of advanced and emerging solutions (SmartXD, identity management, big data, and data governance).