Revolutionizing Connectivity:
Welcome to the 5G/6G Era

Enter the new era of 5G/6G with SkyWave™, where advanced wireless connectivity becomes accessible for all. This platform transforms the landscape of industries by simplifying the development and deployment of a fully programmable, software-defined, open-source cellular network. SkyWave opens doors to unparalleled possibilities, from revolutionizing smart cities to reshaping industrial automation. Embrace this journey where 5G/6G is not just a technological leap, but a universally accessible tool, fueling innovation and efficiency across sectors.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware Integration

At the core of SkyWave lies our commitment to reliability and performance. Utilizing standard enterprise Dell servers and NVIDIA GPUs, we deliver a powerful, reliable infrastructure that’s built to last.

Fully Programmable Platform

Dive into a world where your network adapts to your needs. SkyWave's fully programmable platform opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing for bespoke network behavior and a level of control previously unimagined.

Advanced Containerization

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our containerized software components. Managed by Kubernetes, SkyWave ensures a seamless orchestration, offering a robust, scalable, and easily manageable networking environment.

Scalable Network Solutions

SkyWave epitomizes adaptability and growth. With our scalable network solutions, you can effortlessly expand your network capabilities in line with your evolving business needs. Increase server count and Kubernetes pods to scale your network seamlessly, ensuring your infrastructure grows with your ambitions.

Transforming Industries with Advanced Connectivity​

Welcome to the future of private 5G/G6 networks, defined by unparalleled innovation and customization. SkyWave reimagines connectivity, offering a developer private cloud service that’s not just a solution, but a transformational leap in open source private cellular network technology. Embrace the power of a fully programmable platform designed for versatility, efficiency, and groundbreaking advancements in 5G/6G and beyond. With SkyWave, you’re not just adapting to the technological landscape – you’re reshaping it.

Healthcare Innovation

In healthcare, SkyWave facilitates advancements in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, offering reliable, high-speed connectivity essential for modern healthcare services.

Industrial Efficiency

SkyWave is a game-changer in industrial automation and robotics, providing robust connectivity solutions that enhance precision and productivity in manufacturing and logistics.

Academic Excellence

Elevate educational experiences with SkyWave. From virtual learning to campus-wide network applications, our solution empowers educators and students with a seamless, interactive environment.

Smart Cities

SkyWave is crucial in developing smart cities, enabling efficient urban management, IoT integration, and improved public services through advanced connectivity solutions.

Research and Development

SkyWave is an essential tool for research and development, providing a flexible, scalable environment that supports the creation and testing of innovative technologies on a private 5G cloud.

Advanced Customization and Integration:
Powered by NVIDIA ARC-OTA™

Explore the forefront of networking with SkyWave, leveraging the open-source, developer-friendly NVIDIA Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN platform™. This solution is engineered for unparalleled adaptability and integration, meeting the evolving needs of businesses. Its open-source foundation enhances customization and future-proofs networks for 6G advancements, ensuring scalability and evolution. SkyWave redefines network infrastructure with innovation, efficiency, and a vision for the future, all in a single, transformative package.

Adaptive Configuration

Tailor SkyWave to fit your operational needs with customizable network configurations, ensuring optimal performance in your unique business environment.

Intuitive Integration

Effortlessly integrate SkyWave into existing systems, benefiting from its compatibility and streamlined deployment.

Future-Ready Adaptability

Prepare for tomorrow's 6G and beyond with SkyWave's scalable design, ready to evolve with your business and technology advancements.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from Sterling's continuous support, ensuring your team maximizes SkyWave's capabilities for long-term success.

Effortless Integration with SkyWave's Seamless Onboarding

SkyWave offers a seamless onboarding experience for 5G/6G networks, ensuring comprehensive support from Sterling. With managed services covering installation, maintenance, and ongoing support, organizations can focus on their projects while Sterling handles the technical details. This straightforward approach guarantees minimal downtime and efficient network operation, allowing businesses to leverage the latest in connectivity without the complexity.


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Demystifying SkyWave

Exploring SkyWave reveals a world of possibilities and answers. From its groundbreaking integration of NVIDIA’s ARC-OTA stack to its unparalleled scalability and security features, SkyWave stands at the forefront of network innovation. Here, we address some of the most common inquiries, providing insights into how this sophisticated solution can transform and elevate your business’s connectivity and technological prowess.

SkyWave is a cutting-edge developer private cloud service solution from Sterling that establishes private 5G/6G networks. It’s a fully programmable, containerized solution built on Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN platform, offering unparalleled customization and scalability.

NVIDIA ARC-OTA  provides SkyWave with a robust, software-defined infrastructure, enabling high-performance computing and advanced network programmability for machine learning and AI applications.

Yes, SkyWave is designed for seamless integration. Its software-defined nature and compatibility with standard enterprise servers facilitate easy incorporation into your existing IT setup.

Absolutely. SkyWave’s architecture is inherently scalable, suitable for businesses of any size. It allows for expansion in server count and Kubernetes pods to meet growing demands.

SkyWave offers extensive customization, including network behavior modification, traffic management options, and security protocols, all tailored to specific business requirements.

SkyWave, with its NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU integration, is ideally suited for ML and AI applications, providing the necessary computational power and flexibility for advanced algorithm development and deployment.

Sterling provides comprehensive support for SkyWave deployment, including planning, installation, and management services, alongside continuous monitoring and professional services for optimal performance.

SkyWave prioritizes security with robust measures including advanced encryption, secure containers, and compliance with industry-standard protocols, ensuring a highly secure network environment.

Industries like healthcare, education, industrial automation, smart cities, and research & development find significant benefits in SkyWave, given its flexibility, scalability, and advanced networking capabilities.

SkyWave is intrinsically crafted to drive research and development initiatives. It provides a unique environment for experimenting with and advancing 5G/6G network technologies and beyond. Researchers and developers leverage its fully programmable and scalable platform to simulate, prototype, and test innovative ideas in real-world scenarios. SkyWave not only supports the exploration of new technological frontiers but also accelerates the development cycle, making it an indispensable tool for R&D in various fields, from telecommunications to advanced computing.


Step into a world where network possibilities are limitless with SkyWave. Witness firsthand how our state-of-the-art solution can transform your connectivity and drive innovation within your organization. Ready to take the leap? Click ‘Sterling Portal’ to begin your journey with SkyWave, and let us help you unlock a new era of network potential.