Sterling Named Dell Technologies’ 2024 Federal Partner of the Year

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Sterling, an award-winning provider of transformative technology solutions, is thrilled to announce that Dell Technologies has chosen Sterling as its 2024 Federal Partner of the Year, a designation the SD-based solutions provider has now earned for a fifth time.

Announced at the Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the annual Federal Partner of the Year exemplifies several key attributes, from providing customers with world-class solutions that align precisely to those customers’ needs, to upholding the manufacturer’s Promise Statement of “Together, we stop at nothing!” Specifically, Sterling was commended for its strong engagement with Dell’s sales, marketing, and services teams, as well as for the expansion of its services portfolio and for serving as a strategic delivery collaborator.

“This accomplishment is the result of late nights, long hours, and many miles spent on the road,” explains Brad Moore, CEO of Sterling. “It was a true team effort; across the board, every department and employee contributed to the success and maturation of this relationship. Financial totals were, of course, a factor in this awarding; for me, however, more gratifying than the numbers is the way in which our team undertook this endeavor—proving, time and again, that ‘The Sterling Way’ is not just some feel-good internal mantra, but rather the gold standard by which excellence is achieved.”

Along with the five Federal Partner of the Year awards, Sterling has also been the recipient of Dell’s “Excellence in Services” award (2023) as well as the manufacturer’s “Federal Data Center Partner of the Year” award in 2019.

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