Sterling Scoop: Navigating the Next Wave with SkyWave™

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As we step further into the future, the essence of connectivity and innovation becomes even more pivotal. This month, we’re turning the spotlight on SkyWave – Sterling’s pioneering venture into the next generation of research for 5G/6G with the release of a developer private cloud service for the Nvidia Aerial RAN CoLab (ARC-OTA) platform. SkyWave represents a leap into the future of research, where your experimentation in connectivity isn’t just expanded; it’s redefined.


SkyWave: Redefining Experimentation in Connectivity

SkyWave is not just another solution; it’s a vision brought to life, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in advanced wireless research. Designed to meet the challenges of today and adapt to the opportunities of tomorrow, SkyWave aligns with your dynamic business needs, propelling you towards unprecedented success.


Why SkyWave? Your Business, Amplified

  • Fully Programmable Platform: Experiment with the freedom of extending or changing network behavior with access to ARC-OTA source code in Layer 1 through the core software stack. Tailor your network for your experiments to your precise needs.
  • Containerized Software Components: Leveraging Kubernetes, SkyWave simplifies deployment and scaling of ARC-OTA, ensuring your network grows with your business.
  • Standard Hardware Platform: With SkyWave and ARC-OTA, reduce costs and complexity by utilizing our COTS based reference architecture, coupled with the cutting-edge ORAN aligned GPU-accelerated signal and data processing provided by Nvidia CUDA technology.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Scale effortlessly to meet the complexity of your research and deploy your experiment in your office, home, university lab, in a garage or take the  university into the field as your research evolves, catering to changing demands with ease.


SkyWave and Your Industry

From unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced robotics (and beyond), SkyWave and ARC-OTA’s versatile infrastructure support a wide range of research streams. Together, these solutions capably handle immersive services, localization, spectrum technologies, integrated sensing and communication, sustainability, and Net Zero. Together, they stand as a pillar of innovation.


The Future, Unveiled

With SkyWave, the future isn’t just arriving; it’s yours to design. This solution embodies Sterling’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, offering you the tools to craft a future defined by efficiency, security, and innovation.

Are you ready to elevate your connectivity and embrace the future with SkyWave? Click HERE to dive deeper into how SkyWave can transform your operations and become the cornerstone of your success.

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