Sterling Unveils New Corporate Headquarters

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Sterling Unveils New Corporate Headquarters

North Sioux City Campus Offers Modern Amenities, Room for Growth

Dakota Dunes, SD, July 16, 2019

Sterling, the largest technology company in the state of South Dakota and one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation, celebrated the opening of its new corporate headquarters last week, unveiling the state-of-the-art facility in front of a lively gathering of employees.

The 83,000-square foot facility—which once housed the storied Gateway Computers—now offers modern workspaces, a robust greenspace, and a host of other exciting amenities spread across two levels. The unveiling marks the end of a year-long expansion initiative, one that saw a complete overhaul of the previous structure and a focus on creating a dynamic, collaborative work environment.

“We see our new headquarters as an investment in our employees,” said Brad Moore, President and CEO of Sterling. “They are the backbone of our business, and this new campus allows us to enrich their work experience, champion our Midwest roots, and chart a path for the future.”

As a value-added supplier of IT products, Sterling serves customers nationwide, from federal and local government agencies to education and commercial clients. With over two decades of industry experience, Sterling takes a consultative approach to help those customers assess, design, implement, and manage long-term scalable solutions.

The facility is located in North Sioux City, SD, a suburb of Sioux City, IA and joins several others facilities Sterling maintains across the country, including Sacramento, CA; Austin, TX; Norfolk and Omaha, NE; Tampa, FL; and Dulles, VA, just outside of Washington D.C.

“It’s going to be fun,” added Moore, “watching our next chapter unfold. We’re proud to be headquartered in Siouxland. We’re proud of our employees. And we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.”


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Sterling is an award-winning technology solutions provider with over two decades of helping customers solve the most complex requirements of their IT environments. Sterling provides customers with a simplified IT experience by being their single point of contact for all their solutions architecture, proof of concept, product fulfillment, and technology adoption needs. Additionally, they provide cybersecurity solutions for mission critical clouds and networks, helping turn every What If into reality.

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