Sterling Unveils New SkyWave Solution, Powered by NVIDIA Technology

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North Sioux City, South Dakota, March 19th, 2024 — Sterling, an award-winning provider of transformative technology solutions, is proud to announce the official launch of SkyWave™, a landmark connectivity platform that will revolutionize private cellular networks with its unique blend of 5G/6G capabilities.


SkyWave enables organizations to deploy and manage their own private 5G/6G networks. Leveraging cutting-edge GPU acceleration for AI/ML applications, this state-of-the-art solution offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and performance while addressing the growing demands of IoT, autonomous vehicles, and smart infrastructure. Truly, SkyWave has set a new standard in private network technology.


“Working with NVIDIA, Sterling is ushering in a new era of 5G/6G network innovation,” said Brad Moore, CEO of Sterling. “SkyWave—powered by NVIDIA’s groundbreaking technology and Sterling’s proficiency in crafting integrated I.T. solutions—is specifically designed to advance the deployment and management of private 5G/6G networks. This initiative reflects our commitment to democratizing next-generation network technology, offering developers and organizations the tools to revolutionize communication, IoT, and smart infrastructure solutions.”


Leveraging the NVIDIA Aerial™ RAN framework—an open-source, developer-friendly platform—SkyWave was meticulously engineered to meet the dynamic needs of organizations aiming to harness the combined power of cloud computing and AI. SkyWave enables those organizations and their developers to innovate without barriers, fostering operational transformation and helping them achieve their strategic objectives.


Sterling is also a Solution Provider in the NVIDIA Partner Network, underscoring its technical acumen and SkyWave’s role in leading the charge toward an open, accessible future in 5G/6G development.


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