Top Ten Reasons to Choose Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Cyberattacks endanger data-driven businesses – and today all businesses are data driven


  1. Dedicated hardened digital vault with physical and operational air gap
    Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery has a secure digital vault that is physically and logically isolated from the product and backup network with an operational air gap. Critical data is protected within the vault in an immutable format with retention periods locked. This gives you the best possible chance for recovery if your primary backups have been compromised or your DR location has been breached or infected. As an additional safeguard, an automated operational air gap provides network isolation and eliminates management interfaces that could be compromised.
  2. Protects against insider attacks by requiring multiple separate logins to access the vault
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyberattacks — even from an insider threat. It moves critical data away from the attack surface, physically isolating it within a protected part of the data center and requires separate security credentials and multi-factor authentication for access.
  3. Data written to the vault is immutable and unchangeable
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates the synchronization of data between production systems and the vault, creating immutable copies with locked retention policies. If a cyberattack occurs, you can quickly identify a clean copy of data, recover your critical systems, and get your business back up and running.
  4. Malware may enter the vault but does not have the ability to execute or infect data outside of the vault
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution protects the most critical data in a vault environment. The vault is ideally physically isolated — a locked cage or room — and is always logically isolated via an operational air gap. The vault components are never accessible from production, and access to the vault target — when the air gap is unlocked — is extremely limited preventing instances for malware to enter.
  5. First to integrate full content indexing, intelligent analytics, machine learning, and forensic tools
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first solution to fully integrate CyberSense, which adds an intelligent layer of protection to help find data corruption when an attack penetrates the data center. This innovative approach provides full content indexing and uses machine learning (ML) to analyze and identify over 100 content-based statistics and detect any suspicious activity or signs of corruption due to malware or ransomware.
  6.  Quickly identify and restore last-known good file or data set for rapid recovery PowerProtect Cyber Recovery’s machine-learning identifies and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence. CyberSense finds corruption with up to 99.5% confidence, helping you identify threats and diagnose attack vectors while protecting your business-critical content — all within the security of the vault.
  7. Full recovery workflow automation to quickly resume business operations
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides automated restore-and-recovery procedures to bring business-critical systems back online quickly and with confidence. As part of PowerProtect Data Manager, and for customers running Dell EMC NetWorker, Cyber Recovery enables automated recovery from the vault. Dell EMC and its ecosystem partners provide a comprehensive methodology for protecting data, as well as perform damage assessments and forensics to either recover your systems or remediate and remove the offending malware.
  8. First technology-solution provider to join the Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program
    The Sheltered Harbor standard incorporates a set of cyber-resilience and data-protection best practices and safeguards for protecting U.S financial data and the financial industry. Sheltered Harbor enhances U.S. financial stability and institutions’ cyber resilience by isolating critical customer-account records and other data, immutably, within a digital vault. If an institution’s primary or backup systems are compromised by cyberattack or other event, rapid recovery of critical data is enabled, facilitating the continuity of critical banking services.
  9. First technology-solution provider developing a Sheltered Harbor Turn-key Data Vaulting Solution
    PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Sheltered Harbor is the first on-premises turn-key, data-vaulting solution designed to meet all technical product requirements for participants implementing the Sheltered Harbor standard. Nightly backups of critical data in the Sheltered Harbor standard format are created by the participating institution or service provider. The data vault is encrypted, unchangeable and isolated from the institution’s infrastructure, including backup, disaster recovery and other data protection systems. An isolated, secure environment disconnected from corporate networks restricts users other than those with proper clearance. Automated data copy and air-gap management assure preservation of data integrity, security, and confidentiality. If a Sheltered Harbor Resilience Plan is activated, the participating institution can quickly recover data from the vault to enable the fastest restoration and resumption of banking operations.
  10. Single source for solution design, implementation, and support for Cyber Recovery, Cybersense, and Sheltered Harbor Solution
    Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Sheltered Harbor is being developed to provide participating institutions with a fast, cost-effective and efficient alternative to each institution building a one-off proprietary vault in order to maintain compliance with the Sheltered Harbor Specification. Banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms choosing to implement the Sheltered Harbor standard will soon be able to turn to Dell Technologies for a fully supported turn-key solution. With the added benefit of leveraging a mature vault-based technology, Sheltered Harbor participants choosing PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Sheltered Harbor can confidently meet their immediate deployment needs, as well as establish a foothold for their future data-vaulting requirements. The participating institution has a path to survival, and public confidence in the U.S. financial system is maintained.


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