Technology Triage Saves Damaged Devices Without Warranty

It is inevitable, a device breaks just after the warranty expires or it suffers damages that are not covered. Triage is defined as “the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.” Just like people, electronic devices also may need triage treatment. Angela Sanders, Project Manager at Sterling, took time to explain in detail just what technology triage is and the steps Sterling takes with each device.

Triage process Technology Triage is a multi-step diagnosis process in which Sterling assesses the product and provides solutions to the customers with continuous updates during the process. Sanders explains, “When a customer sends in an out of warranty device, it is sent into a diagnostic assessment that will then tell us exactly what is wrong. When the device is being diagnosed, we send it to the depot where they go through physical inspection to determine memory failure, motherboard malfunction, or any system failures.

Sterling’s Triage service is offered to all customers including educational institutions, government agencies, and commercial businesses that have computers or other devices that have undergone damages as a result of high-level usage. Angela mentioned that sending in devices in multiple quantities allows customers to save on shipping.

After the diagnostic assessment is complete and the problem is found, your dedicated sales rep will send a quote that details the problems assessed, a solution that repairs the unit(s), and all associated costs of repair. The entire process only takes 5-10 days on average. During this time, customers receive updates from the Sterling team.

In addition to normal processes, special procedures are in place to protect all parties against COVID-19. In response to contamination concerns, extra measures are being taken. Sterling’s Sanders assured that they are taking every possible precaution to ensure minimal threats of exposure by disinfecting the unit upon intake, wearing gloves while handling units, and changing each time a new unit is being assessed. While in the Configuration, Integration, and Distribution (CID) Centers, employees wear masks as an additional measure.  Before sending the product back to the customer, devices are again disinfected.

Sterling’s technology triage process allows customers an avenue to maximize device lifespan, even when out of warranty. Triage services allow customers to make an educated decision about the necessity of replacing the device and provides an opportunity to prolong the life of existing devices while maintaining cost efficiency when warranty options are not available.

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